More About Jose Chaves

I am a Sr. Creative Engineer and Scrum Master SMC, with more than twelve years of experience in motion graphics teams, audiovisual productions, and creative direction. Besides, my daily workflow allows me to handle HTML banners projects, dynamic banners, motion graphics, 3D, post-production, and AR/VR interactive development projects. I have also strong experience in leadership positions, managing cross-country teams, improvement processes, and conflict/problem-solving.


Responsible for the creation of video ads, banners, landing pages, and websites, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. In charge of selecting the proper software to develop ads; which involves daily communication with external and internal clients, best practices development, Jira tickets creation, and daily team workflow in Costa Rica.


Strong experience with audiovisual projects and software: After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Audition, Audacity, etc. Involved with all the production and post-production structures: storyboard creations, brainstorming, foley sounds, audio, camera, direction, color correction, and other post-production tasks. I've worked with multiple internal and external clients, such as HP, KC, MAG, EBAY, etc


Experience working with 3d technologies (3ds Max, Blender, After Effects, RenderMan, etc). I worked as the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie staff working with particles, ship physics, and 3d reviews being part of my greatest experience in this field

Leadership management

Bacherlor degree in IT project management, conflict solver certified CSC and Scrum Master certified SMC, I've worked as a consultant in multiple teams and possess. Strong experience working with small and Large Scrum Teams.

AudioVisual Showroom

These advertisements have been made using software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut. I have strong experience with color theories and video colorization from color profiles like cinema, S-Log2, S-Gamut3. Cine, etc. I've been using plugins like luminary color, lumitri scopes, and cinema-grade.

I received the indication to create a set of 4 videos for the new Kotex Campaign, with should allow copy and images to be dynamic inside the video. Using my experience with code and motion, I created an after-effect class/functionality to match with the flashtalking video ad builder backend API. As a result, all the video tasks were delivered and I was invited by the Flashtalking team to give my recommendations on how to improve the look&fell of their platform.

Experience working with particles using Trapcode particular and 3d particle systems also I have experience creating local video particles and 3D particles.

I have been part of commercial deliveries for TV, cinema, and social networks, among which are video banners, 100% animated video, and video reels.

Strong experience working with blender 3d, also experience with modeling, texture, colorize, light, and 3d animation.

Strong knowledge working with Adobe Audition, Audacity. I have been part of bigger audition teams. Mixing, cutting music, and foley effects.

Strong experience working with Adobe After effects, using extensions like Duik, Duik rigging, and AE rigging.

I have experience working with SPARK AR, creating different campaigns for Ray-Ban. The task was to create all the 2020 sunglasses collection, using 3d models in Blender and creating the programing in Spark AR platform.

Videame Media is my personal company, at videame media we do audiovisual products, post-production, and recording work. We have experience in Film, TV, and social media.

Banner Showroom

Full animated banners created using Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG images, HTML, CSS, and JS/Jquery. These banners units were made using Greensok as an animation external class

Dynamic banners created using Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG images, HTML, CSS, and JS/Jquery. I used Flashtalking API and DoubleClick Studio API to Created these banners

Particles banners created using Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG images, HTML, CSS, and JS/Jquery. These banner units were made using Greensok as an animation external class, sprite images, and gif motion images.

Strong experience working with pharma banners, and auto-scroll ISI banners, I created this banner using Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG images, HTML, CSS, and JS/Jquery.

Key Case Success Stories